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A Russian-based company Nova CRM (Forbes top 10 best start-ups 2014) is currently seeking business partners to extend their business to US market.

Nova CRM is a simple and useful CRM system for SMB, it integrates with any VoIP provider. On average we charge $1000 set fee + $100 monthly. However, we have a deeply discounted rate for partnered companies who help us to promote this business in US. We have 100+ clients in Russia and are seeking business opportunities abroad.

Our main feature provides a system which automatically collects all your leads (phone calls, e-mails, social media, website forms) in one place. Not one client request will be missed. Your sales team will easily find any client information from your base and oversees all communication that was previously made with the client.

Nova CRM helps managers to understand how many leads are coming into the company and from what sources. Also, how well your sales people work, then analyzes the total efficiency of your business.

Our primary target for STRATEGIC PARTNERS in US is:

  • - VoIP providers
  • - online marketing companies
  • - website builders 
  • - business consultants 
  • - sales coaches

We need partners who are already dealing with clients interested in a simple CRM solution.

Nova CRM is interested for these types of prospective companies:

  • - presently no existing CRM system (sales managers use Excel or nothing)
  • - 10+ calls from potential clients daily

who want:

  • - all communication history with client in one place
  • - to know who is calling before answering the phone
  • - to control all incoming/outgoing calls and have accurate records
  • - to significantly reduce amount of unreturned missed calls or requests 
  • - to measure sales conversion on different levels
  • - to analyze traffic source conversion
  • - to auto-print documents
  • - to filter and segment clients base
  • - to have or improve SMS and e-mail marketing

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information at +1.408.475.72.02 or

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